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Non-Surgical Services

Non-Sergical Service


Neuromodulators (Botox, Xeomin, Dysport)

BOTOX is used both as a cosmetic and therapeutic agent. It is used to reduce wrinkles caused by muscle movements like in the forehead, crow’s feet, frown lines, and vertical lines in the neck. As a therapeutic agent, it is effective in relieving certain types of headaches, excessive sweating and muscle spasms. BOTOX can also be used to reduce muscle size and reshape certain parts of the face like the jawline and reshape legs by contouring the calf muscle.

Fillers (Juviderm, Restylane, Sculptra, fat)

Soft tissue fillers are flexible materials used to correct the appearance of fine to moderate wrinkles with BOTOX and give volume correction to areas of the face like lips, hollow cheeks, tear trough deformity, and hollowing of the temporal regions. There are numerous types of fillers that can be used. We recommend a specific type of fillers for different parts of the face. The results are a smoother, more youthful appearance with minimal downtime.

Juvderm Ultra & Ultra Plus XC

Juvderm is an injectable gel filler composed of Hyaluronic Acid: a naturally occurring substance in your skin that helps add volume and hydration. Juvderm is a non-surgical solution to soften facial lines and wrinkles, restore volume, add fullness to the skin, plump lips, add volume to the cheeks and minimize scars. Results are visible immediately, creating a more youthful and invigorating look, and last from 9-12 months.

Juvderm Voluma XC

Juvderm Voluma XC injectable gel is the first and only FDA-approved filler to add instant volume to the cheek area. It gives a subtle lift, helping to restore and contour for a more youthful profile for up to two years.

Restylane & Restylane Lyft

Restylane is a clear gel formulation of hyaluronic acid that is specifically formulated to act like your body's own naturally produced hyaluronic acid, helping to visibly correct moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, including the lines that run from your nose toward the corners of your mouth (nasolabial folds) and the lines that run from the corners of your mouth toward the chin (marionette lines).

Additionally, Restylane and Restylane Silk are FDA-approved for lip enhancement in patients over the age of 21, and are uniquely formulated to give your lips fullness and definition.


Radiesse is a wrinkle filler used to plump the skin. RADIESSE is injected through a small needle and placed under the skin. Immediately, this filler works to add volume under the skin and over time, the benefits of RADIESSE continue by stimulating your body’s own natural collagen. The natural results have been shown to last a year or more in many patients, making the treatment results both immediate and long lasting.


Kybella is a prescription medicine used in adults to improve the appearance and profile of moderate to severe fat below the chin (submental fat), also called a "double chin."


BELOTERO BALANCE is a prescription injection that is approved to temporarily smooth out and fill in moderate to- severe nasolabial folds (the folds or wrinkles that go from the side of the nose to the corner of the mouth).

BELOTERO BALANCE is a hyaluronic acid (HA) injectable filler that completely integrates into the skin tissue. While some fillers are designed to rebuild facial volume and structure,BELOTERO BALANCE specifically treats moderate-to-severe etched-in lines and wrinkles such as vertical lip lines above and around the lips. Produces a smooth, flexible gel, blends into the natural structure of your skin, gently fills stubborn etched-in lines and wrinkles.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

For Skin Rejuvenation
PRP is basically a natural product produced from your own body. Through a simple blood draw, a little amount of blood is drawn from an individual into a sterile tube. Using a unique centrifuge machine, the blood is spun down in order to take out and concentrate the stem cells, growth factors and platelets that are very important for tissue healing. This little amount of blood with a high concentration of platelets and growth factors is referred to as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). PRP is best known for its wonderful act of skin rejuvenation. When PRP is injected into particular parts of the skin, its high platelet concentration functions as a matrix that stimulates the growth of new collagen, revitalizes skin tissue and hence leads to a naturally smooth and firm skin. As a result, PRP treatment gets rid of wrinkles and creates a smoother skin feel and tone.

For Hair Loss
PRP therapy is used in hair restoration for natural looking results. With a thin needle, your own Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is injected into the scalp. Then the growth factors in your blood cells do their job and hair growth is naturally stimulated. ... It is an injectable treatment which uses the patient's own blood.

PDO Thread Lift

The PDO Thread Lift procedure safely and instantly lifts up loose skin on the face, neck and the body with minimal downtime.Thread Lift is one the most effective ways to lift the loose skin without surgery. As we age, the effects of gravity become more noticeable on our faces, especially as our facial support structure weakens and we lose facial fat. The areas that are generally affected are the eyebrows, areas around the eyes, the cheeks, the jowls and the neck. The result is a longer, more square-shaped and older-looking face.

Traditionally, most people would look into plastic surgery to get a face lift as there weren’t very effective noninvasive treatments to lift the loose skin. However, now there is an effective nonsurgical option that can lift and contour and suspend the sagging tissues on the face, neck and the body, especially for those that need only minimal to moderate rejuvenation or for those that do not wish to undergo surgical intervention.

Non-Sergical Service



Is the ONLY FDA-cleared, non-invasive procedure that lifts and tightens the neck, chin and brow, and improves lines and wrinkles on the chest. Ultherapy uses safe, time-tested ultrasound energy to lift and tighten the skin naturally—without surgery or downtime. Ultherapy is the only non-invasive procedure FDA-cleared to lift skin on the neck, under the chin and on the eyebrow. Now also FDA-cleared to improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the décolletage, Ultherapy can help you achieve a fresher, more youthful look from your brow to your chest! Ultherapy harnesses the power of ultrasound to transform the brow, chin, neck and chest. Ultrasound, of course, has been used safely throughout the medical field for more than 50 years—and Ultherapy has been established as safe and effective in clinical studies and in over half a million treatments worldwide.


Thermage is a non-invasive radio frequency therapy that can address the look and feel of aging skin on many areas of your body. Thermage treatments are customized to your needs, and typically require minimal recovery time. It’s a great solution if you want your skin to look sleeker, smoother and younger, but can’t afford a lot of time away from work or your social life. Thermage is a proven, unique radiofrequency treatment that can help improve the appearance of sagging or loose skin, giving you a smoother, sleeker and younger look and feel. Thermage works in just one treatment with little down time and delivers a natural looking result. It’s you, just younger looking and more confident. Thermage is effective on:

  • The Eyes – hooding, fine lines and even our brow line can make us look worn-down. Thermage treats the upper and lower eyelids to help you look more youthful and rested.
  • The Face – as we age, phrases like “turkey neck”, loose jowls, sagging skin and “what happened to my jawline? ” Thermage smooths lines and wrinkles and remodels collagen for the overall health of the skin.
  • The Body – aging doesn’t just affect the skin on our faces, our bodies see the effects too, with crepey, sagging skin and unwanted bulges and dimples.


LUTRONIC’s Dual-pulsed Q-switched Nd: YAG SPECTRA™ laser has been engineered to meet the growing demands of a busy clinic, and includes a variety of efficacious treatment options, customizable parameters, built-in safety, minimized downtimes, all at an affordable price. With four distinct Q-switched mode wavelengths, the robust Spectra has the versatility to provide your practice with a wide range of clinical options for treating your patients. Lutronic continually expands its treatment applications, including being the only laser on the market FDA cleared to treat melasma, and most recently by introducing the Gold hand piece to more effectively treat redness caused by post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. The technically advanced Spectra system offers an edge over other lasers and provides enhanced clinical outcomes.

SPECTRA’s combination of high peak power and short pulse width delivers efficient destruction of the target pigment with minimal collateral thermal damage, meeting the criteria of selective photothermolysis.

Treat area : Melasma, Epidermal nevi, Tattoo removal, Acne scars, Non-ablative resurfacing, Pigmented and vascular lesions.


PICO + NANO Technology
Removing the full range of tattoos and pigmentary concerns requires the ideal combination of technologies—the right wavelengths, the right pulse duration and the right energy levels. enlighten™ brings those features together in one complete system—with PICO 670 Offer the novel, non-thermal way to treat pigmentary and aesthetic concerns with PICO Genesis™.

Excel HR-- 21st Century Laser Hair Removal
From the pioneer and leader in aesthetic laser technology, excel HR™ offers the most advanced premium hair removal solution for all skin types. Combining Cutera’s proven long-pulse 1064 nm Nd:YAG laser and a new high-power 755 nm Alexandrite laser with the superiority of sapphire contact cooling, excel HR redefines modern laser hair removal.

Excel HR: safe, effective and comfortable laser hair removal for the 21st century.

Laser Hair Removal

Lasers and light sources use the principle of selective photothermolysis to eliminate hair and its potential regrowth without damaging the surrounding skin. During treatment, light passes through the skin and is absorbed by the melanin in the hair shaft. This absorption raises the temperature of the hair follicle and thermally destroys the cells responsible for regrowth. Different attributes of the light are chosen to ensure damage only to those cells and not the rest of the skin.

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